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An artist lives through his paintings and I did so till I found the camera. In the years that followed, the viewfinder made my vision all the more clear. Today, I can’t help, but view everything as a composition and going by the little recognition I have received, I know I am good at it. My romance with the camera began while studying Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rajasthan School of Art, Jaipur. Initially, just a subject, it tuned to passion when I won the best photography award from Sahitya Kala Parishad, New Delhi. The fact that I won the award on a borrowed camera gave me the belief that in photography, it’s not the equipment, but an eye for beauty that matters. Riding on this belief, it has been more or less a self-taught process.It has been an enriching journey till-date, during which I have done several news, feature, product and advertising assignments. Most memorable was covering the backstage scene of Wills India Fashion Week, Aero India Bangalore, Singapore Airshow and an extensive shoot of the luxury train—Indian Maharaja. The prize moment came when couple of my photographs were featured in the National Geographic blog.I have also doubled up as a graphic designer in a career spanning over a decade and a half. I have designed advertising campaigns for Ray-Ban, conceptualised the style sheet for various lifestyle magazines and my last assignment was as the deputy art director of The Sunday Standard, a leading weekly publication of the New Indian Express group.All in all, I am a one-stop solution for all kinds of design and photography requirements.

Ratan Sonal



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WINNER: Daily Dozen, Dec 27, 2012


WINNER: Daily Dozen, Nov 22, 2010


WINNER: Daily Dozen, Nov 19, 2009





* CAMERENA ACADEMY PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2016https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10210407843890613&set=a.2131791052537.184761.1178829874&type=3&theater
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